Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Weta Cave / Studio - Sir Peter Jackson

If someone said whats the coolest thing about Welly top of my list would be the Weta Studios / Cave.

Sir Peter Jackson is a local boy and still lives in the area.
You can't tour the studios, but a trip to the cave is a must for any film buff. Here you can see items made for the various films Weta have worked on, purchase model version and watch a video about what goes on behind the scenes at Weta an guess  what .... its FREE.

 The Display in the Cave is changed on a regular basis so don't think once you've been thats it, its always worth a 2nd, 3rd an more visits. They staff there are so friendly an welcoming and happy to chat to you an respond to any questions.

( Iam sure I had a date with the guy once >>>) 

This life size Golem is amazing, his eyes feel like they follow you around the room and you expect him to move at any moment. Stunning work.

Its worth heading to the Weta website an signing up for emails, as they often run special events you can attend. We had an amazing morning watching one of their staff Scott show us how they do digital sculpting - again all free.

Here is Mr Tumnes in model form , the photo just doesn't do him justice the work is amazing.

Go on pop in you won't regret it, it won't take you long.

Oh an if your on face book, so is Sir Peter Jackson and he's well worth following as he often posts video diarys or written diarys about whats going on.

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